What Online Therapy Means to Our Clients

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Online speech therapy was born from the need to find therapists in locations without services.  It, however, has grown to mean much more to our clients. Worldwide Speech has seen an increasing trend of clients choosing to continue with online speech therapy even when they find access to a local therapist.  

Every parent is looking for the perfect therapist that will address the individual needs of their child.  Some of our clients have told us they only get that with online therapy. When a parent is looking for a therapist with a specialty, they might not find that person locally.  Online therapy bridges the gap between just getting someone and getting the exact person you need. It also offers continuity in a time where people find themselves moving around more often than ever before.   With online speech therapy a parent does not have to ask a child to leave behind a beloved therapist who already knows and works well with your child. Online therapy has the added benefit of being convenient and allows you to see the therapist when it is a good time for you, in any location.  With busy schedules, the last thing you need is to drive to a clinic for therapy. When we are busy, finding ways to free up time is a luxury. Parents can focus more on the therapy itself rather than rushing to make it to an appointment on time. And as a result, there is more opportunity for you to become involved as a parent.  This was an unexpected benefit of online therapy and we have seen it make a huge difference with our clients. Online sessions are conducted in the privacy of your own home and you and your child learn new skills together. This means that parents can practice speech therapy goals with their child in a natural setting and feel confident about continuing to practice together even when the therapist is not present.

Online therapy offers much more than just a therapy session.  Your child has the opportunity to learn in his or her home with a therapist that meets his or her individual needs.  This is the reason many of our clients continue to choose online therapy over in-person therapy. People are realizing that they can develop a meaningful and purposeful relationship with their online therapists: one that benefits both the parents and their children.  Worldwide Speech is glad that we can provide our clients with this kind of positive experience, which undoubtedly helps children reach their therapy goals and further their educational development.

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