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Given many schools have closed for the remainder of the school year, we recognize for some children, distance learning can be difficult to adjust to.

In addition, students may be receiving less services due to the lack of resources at this time. Currently, for students with IEPs, if a school closes and a distance learning plan is in place, a student’s IEP team can help determine if some or all of the identified services can be provided through alternate or additional methods. However, if the school district closes its schools and does not provide any educational services to the general student population, the school is not required to provide services to students with disabilities. This may leave parents worried about how their child will continue to receive services and if the gap in services will result in loss of skills.

This is why we see a need to offer our services to provide additional support to your children. We offer online tutoring, reading intervention, speech therapy, special education support, and occupational therapy. We will work with your budget as we realize it is a very difficult time financially for families around the world.

At Worldwide Speech, we have over 10 years of experience working with families all over the world via telehealth. Our providers make sure to individualize services to match your child’s needs. Helping your child achieve their goals and adjust to distance learning is our top priority! If you’re interested, head over to our website for a free 20-minute consultation.


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