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Amy Greer is our online education specialist. We asked her a few questions to help our readers understand what online education means to Worldwide Speech and how our company can help you or your child!

But first, a little about Amy…

Amy has been a teacher for 31 years.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in both Elementary and Special Education from Daemen College.  She received her Master of Science degree in Special Education from SUNY Geneseo.  She is certified to teach both elementary and special education. 

Amy has taught a variety of students with varying learning abilities.  Her favorite part of teaching is building connections with her students so she can help them become the best learners they can be.  She especially loves teaching students individually, enabling every lesson to be specifically designed for each individual student.  The rapport between her and her students is one she highly values and believes it is vital to their ability to learn difficult material.

Teaching students remotely over the internet has been an exciting journey for Amy.  Being able to connect with students around the world from all different cultures has taken her teaching to new levels.  She has loved the challenge of building connections via telecommunication with each student and developing virtual lessons to meet their needs.  She especially cherishes the gift of being able to watch a child’s eyes light up on the screen when a new skill is mastered. 

Additionally, Amy values input from her student’s parents and educational staff.  She feels it is important to keep communication open to everyone involved in each student’s educational journey.  She is open to maintaining that vital communication via email and video meetings as requested by anyone on the student’s teams.  She is happy to be flexible with lesson times to best meet the schedules of the students she is teaching. 

1. What populations do you work with?

I am dually certified to teach N-6 elementary education and birth-age 21 special education.

2. What does a typical session look like?

I generally run 30 minute online sessions.  A typical session would begin with a quick ice breaker to facilitate a connection with my student and help him/her engage with me through the screen.  Then, we would begin working on the current targeted skill.  Once we have covered important strategies to have success with the targeted skill, I would bring up some online games that provide fun ways for the student to be able to practice what he/she just learned.  The platform we use enables me to share my screen and give the student control of the mouse.  Through online learning, there are many ways to provide unique support.  Children today are very motivated to engage with “screens”.  Online learning meets our students in a world they love. 

3. My child already has an IEP but services have been reduced, how can you help?

I can help in a number of ways when services have been reduced.  I would begin by finding out basic history and needs of your child.  Together, we can identify key areas that need additional support.  I am also happy to consult with your child’s current team to determine ways to help provide the support needed. 

4. My child is having a difficult time adjusting to distance learning, do you have any suggestions?

It is important to determine where the difficulties with online learning are.  Usually it is a simple matter of finding the right activities that deliver the content in a way that connects with the student’s personality and learning style.  Building a connection with the student and knowing what is motivating to them are key in providing successful online instruction.  There are countless resources to facilitate this process.  Because I see students 1:1, I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to really get to know their personalities and learning styles. 

5. What is your favorite part about online education?

This question is hard to answer because it is hard to narrow down what is my favorite part.  I absolutely love providing online instruction.  Probably my favorite part, if I had to pick one thing, is the flexibility it provides the families I service.  I am able to run a lesson at times that work best for the student.  I am not bound by typical school hours and days. I can provide services while the family is on vacation, hanging out at home, or anywhere there is internet available.  The families never have to worry about someone coming into their home and invading their space. 

If you have any additional questions about our online education, head to our website for a free consultation!

Don’t forget, we also provide online speech-language therapy and occupational therapy!

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