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Written by Erin Long, President and Founder of Worldwide Speech

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect us in ways we never imagined. It is not possible to discuss the pandemic without thinking of all those who have become ill and the hundreds of thousands lost lives due to the virus. Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone who has suffered illness and loss. The world is also wrestling with all the unforeseen effects of the pandemic such as closed businesses, lost jobs, lost income, and closed schools. With that all in mind, Worldwide Speech wants to send out a message wishing you and your loved ones all the best. Let’s all remember that we are in this together. 

When we came across this article, we were not sure we should post an article that describes distance learning as a “hellscape.” Can we be honest though? For many of us, online classes are more stressful than anyone could have dreamed of. I can personally attest to this as a parent trying to figure out schedules, school apps, Zoom meetings for the kids, work assignments and the list goes on. I realize fully that it is not only me feeling stressed. The teachers I speak to describe a new teaching situation without precedent. They are figuring everything out day by day. 

I recently sat through an online class with my son. He could not figure out why the teacher was gone. Of course, the school internet gave out and the teacher was bumped from the meeting. We sat there waiting for her to come back on with some instructions for the work. Meanwhile, several students taunted each other, waiting for their teacher. When the teacher finally returned, I could see it in her eyes. She had kids in her classroom, kids online, the school internet was weak, her patience was gone. No one in the world could blame her. None of us signed up for this, it isn’t easy for anyone.

We hope this article brings a little levity as you navigate another day with kids attempting distance learning. Kids, parents, and teachers are all at a loss on how to make this work smoothly. If you find a free moment, reach out to another parent or teacher to see how they are doing – not what they are doing but a friendly connection to remind everyone that we are all going through this together.

Wear your masks (correctly), keep your distance, wash your hands, and be patient with yourself and everyone else. We send you our best wishes. 

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