Worldwide Speech: Adam Toledo

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By Erin Long

Worldwide Speech is dedicated to serving all those in need of special education services. Because the company is made up of a team of caring special-education providers, we have first-hand knowledge about how nontypical developing individuals are discriminated against. We hold all disabled people and in our hearts and know that everybody comes into this world with value and potential. No one should experience discrimination or violence because of a disability.

With this in mind, we stretch our arms to all individuals, not only those with a disability. We want to incorporate all oppressed and unloved bodies. Because again, no one should experience discrimination or violence. With an unending voice, we will shine a light on those that struggle to find a voice or those that no longer have a voice.

I will admit it was his face that broke my heart. Adam Toledo looks like so many of the boys I have worked with over the years in my speech therapy rooms. Why on earth did that young boy end up so close to a gun? Why on earth did he end up being seen as a deadly threat to a policeman? What happened that ended with his dead body on the ground? He was a child! A human child! A child with value and potential.

This case is still unfolding but let’s remember, Adam was a thirteen-year-old child. A child does not have full control over his or her life. A child is at the mercy of the home, community, school, and individuals in his or her life. So many children are exposed to violence. Adam Toledo was no different. Regardless of whatever preceding events occurred, it was ultimately an adult that led to his death. Someone put him in close range to a gun. A cop fired a gun at him.

Our thoughts go out to Adam’s family. We hope this blog reaches your heart and helps everyone remember that every child should and needs to be protected from violence, discrimination, and no child should ever have to be viewed as a threat.

Rest in Peace Adam Toledo, Age 13