June Newsletter: Pride Month 2021

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As rainbow Pride flags fly high, it’s likely that kids will become curious about the significance of this important time. But the question remains, how do we teach our kids when we don’t know all the answers? How could you possibly explain such an adult concept in a kid-friendly way?

Planned Parenthood quote: The knowledge and respect that you foster when you have these conversations helps create a safer, more inclusive community for everyone."

Below are some tips and resources to help if you choose to have a conversation about Pride

  • Start the conversation: You might not think your child has questions about pride or the LGBTQ+ community, but research says they most likely do! Using experiences that come up naturally in their world provides the best opportunity for education. So seeing all the pride flags and events is a great “in” to talk about what the LGBTQ+ community is and why Pride exists. [1]
  • Keep it simple: Instead of giving all details about the Stonewall Rebellion, explain it in kid-friendly terms. We love the way Lindsay Amer puts it, “The way that I tell the story around Stonewall is like, ‘Marsha and Sylvia went out one night wanting to go dancing with their friends,’” Amer says. “And then, someone like a police officer knocked on the door and told them they couldn’t dance. How would you feel if someone came in and told you, you couldn’t dance with your friend just because of who you are?’” Relate their experience and explain that Marsha and Sylvia fought for what they believed in, which is why Pride exists today. [1]
  • Promote acceptance, not discrimination: This goes along well with the explanation Amer gives above. Encourage empathy by asking your child what it would feel like to be told they weren’t able to participate in something because [insert physical characteristic or personality trait]. [2]
  • Share stories, read books: Books are the best teachers! They share stories by acting as a window into another person’s experience. Hence, another great way to foster empathy. Check out the list of links below for LGBTQ+ books for kids. [3]

LGBTQ+ Books

  1. Staff picks for kids: Lgbtq+ picture books for kids
  2. Books with lgbtq characters
  3. Epic LGBTQ+ Pride Collection

Additional Resources


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