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Hello everyone!

This week marks the grand opening of Worldwide Speech’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store!!!

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You can expect to find informative blogs every Tuesday (#TPTtuesday) with a featured item from our store! These blogs will tell you more info about what the item is, who to use it for, and how to use them.

While it’s not Tuesday yet, it is #FreebieFriday!

Do you ever get tired of reading the same word lists over and over again? Do you have any students who demonstrate difficulty engaging during online therapy? Do you lack the overall creativity and technological know-how to make materials for students on your caseload?

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Have we got the MATERIAL for you!

Head to our TPT Store and download our freebie, “Speech Pals for /ɝ,ɚ/!”

This freebie is a part of our Speech Pals series, where you’ll find similar products for all the vocalic r diphthongs, prevocalic /r/, and /r/ blends. Additionally, other commonly misarticulated phonemes are included in the Speech Pals series. These materials can be purchased separately or in bundles.

Speech Pals are no-print must-haves for articulation therapy, either in-person or virtual, for both readers and non-readers. You and your students will love these fun, no-prep PowerPoint activities, as they practice their speech sounds at the word level, in short sentences, and in long sentences with multiple targets. Repetition is the key to success in the production of new phonemes. So with Speech Pals, each phoneme is targeted 58 times per word position! The characters in Speech Pals are diverse and often find themselves in humorous situations. Also, various parts of speech are represented by the target words, rather than just nouns, as are typically seen in articulation therapy materials.

Each target sound is represented by the main character (whose name includes that target), plus 9 target words. Each word is in the form of a colorful image that will “fly-in” from various directions, keeping children focused and engaged.

To use, click “READ ONLY” to open each document. Then click on the slide # corresponding to the sound you want to work on. Open “Slide Show” mode. Click for each image to “fly-in” or to transition to the next page. Students can read or imitate the target words and sentences. These PowerPoint presentations can be used for individual and group therapy, during in-person and telepractice sessions.

Our Speech Pals Powerpoints engage children with bright colors, fun animations, and inclusive characters. Say goodbye to reading from plain word lists and say hello to no-prep materials that are both engaging, and entertaining! All for FREE!

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Yes, we did!

That’s all for today folks.


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