#TPTTuesday: Expand-a-story Initial /r/

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We are celebrating another TPT Tuesday with Expand-a-Story: Initial /r/

A few posts ago, we introduced the “Expand-a-story” series with Expand-a-story medial r/. We love the product so much, we had to make another. I mean how could you beat a no prep, no print, engaging activity with tons of reps??

What is it?

Expand-a-Story: Initial /r/ is another no-prep, no-print speech sound activity that is great for both telepractice, and in-person services. The images in Expand-a-Story are fun and colorful and are sure to engage your students. This activity does a fantastic job bridging the gap between sentence drills and conversational speech with a total of 117 trials, for only 5 bucks! Check out our demonstration below 🙂

Each of the 14 target words is introduced (see above), then used in sentences to tell a humorous story. The story continuously repeats itself, expanding with each new slide. This requires students to produce initial prevocalic /r/ in more and more target words, over and over, as the story increases in length. Following the story, students can answer questions about it, to work on the spontaneous production of target words. At the conclusion of Expand-a-Story: Initial /r/, students have produced their target sound a total of 117 times! For even more practice, kids can retell the story, focusing on initial /r/ in conversational speech.

Introduction of target words!
Example of a silly story with target words!
Question to work on spontaneous production!

Who is it for?

This activity is engaging for articulation students who are working on initial prevocalic r at the sentence level, and are ready to practice at the reading level. This PowerPoint presentation can be used for individual and group therapy, during in-person and telepractice sessions.

How do you use it?

To use, click “READ ONLY” to open the document. Open “Slide Show” mode and click for the animated image at the end of each story page, or to advance to the next page. It’s as simple as that!

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