#TPTTuesday Speech Pals: Prevocalic R

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Hello all! Our WordPress blog was down until today, but #TPTTuesday isn’t… just delayed a bit 🙂

Last week we uploaded “Speech Pals: Prevocalic /r/” to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AND Pinterest! But we promised you a blog, and a blog is what you’ll get!

What is it?

Today we are sharing another product from our Speech Pals Series. We’ve shown you our r-blends Speech Pals and our vocalic/ r/ Speech Pals, so it’s only rrrright to finish out the r-bundle with prevocalic /r/ Speech Pals. Try saying that 5 times fast!

The /R/ sound is one of the most difficult sounds to produce. In the previous paragraph, we used 23 r’s. So, as we know, repetition is absolutely key. Our Speech Pals Series takes that into account. We want you to get as many repetitions with as little prep work as possible. By the conclusion of the PowerPoint, the phoneme is targeted 58 times in each position 🙌

The characters in Speech Pals: prevocalic r are diverse and often find themselves in silly situations. We also made sure to include various parts of speech represented by the target words, rather than being nouns-only, as is typically used in articulation therapy materials.

You can purchase our Speech Pals: Prevocalic /r/ as a part of the r-bundle for $25 (includes Vocalic R and R-Blend Speech Pals) or purchase it individually for $5. If you haven’t tried our Speech Pals series, check out our Vocalic /er/ Speech Pals Freebie on our TPT site, link in bio!

Who is it for?

Speech Pals for Prevocalic R is a great product for students working on, you guessed it, prevocalic r! You can use this product with students at the word level, phrase level, sentence level, and as a good transition from sentence level to conversational speech.

How to use it?

To use, click on the slide number corresponding to the sound position that you want to work on. Open “Present / Slide Show” mode. Click for each image to “fly-in” or to transition to the next page. Students can read or imitate the target words and sentences. This PowerPoint presentation can be used for individual and group therapy, during in-person and telepractice sessions. See below for a sneak peek!

Final Notes

Last thing, if you love our product (which we promise you will!), please leave us a review and follow our TPT store! We strive to make accessible resources for busy clinicians.

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