December Newsletter: Closing the Year With Gratitude and Reflection

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Worldwide Speech hopes you’ve had a wonderful holiday! We wish safe travels to our families abroad. We hope you have been safe from COVID and if not, we wish you a smooth recovery.

With 2022 just around the corner, we would like to look back through 2021 with a lens of gratitude and reflection.


To practice gratitude at this time of year, we must comprehend the ripple effect that occurs when we express gratitude. To close out the year, try this:

  1. Tell a loved one what you are grateful for about them.
  2. The person you told must pass it along and say what they are grateful for from another family member.

With one simple sentence, you can create a ripple effect through the gratitude pond which gets stronger each time it is passed along.

We’ll begin: Worldwide Speech is grateful for all of the parents who are working hard to set their children up for success.

Now you can pass the expression of gratitude down to your child. What are you grateful for that they’ve done in the last year? Did they help you with chores without asking? Did they do well in school? Did they make new friends? Did they avoid getting COVID?


As we head into the New Year, most people skip straight to making new years resolutions. But how can we do so if we don’t revisit our progress from last year’s resolutions?

Before setting new goals for the new year, we must look back at our 2021 New Years resolutions to see the progress we’ve made in meeting our goals. For that reason, it really helps if your goals are objective and measurable. This is a great practice to start with your children since people tend to forget about their New Years’ resolution by March. This could be a practice you carry out once a month to check in on the progress you’ve made so far to adjust the previous year’s resolutions. Personally, I like to reflect during the New Moon and/or Full Moon. As the moon cycles, she reminds us to reflect and adjust our goals by going through phases like the moon. A New Moon invites us to focus on new beginnings while a Full Moon gives power to letting go and completion [1].

Example of a Monthly Check-in:

New Years Resolution: I want to read one book a month.

  • February Check-in: I read one book this month. I met my goal for February
  • March Check-in: I did not read a book this month, I will do so in April.
  • End of the year check-in: I read a new book in January, February, April, May, June, August, December.
  • New New Year’s resolution: I want to read one book every 2 months.

Closing Notes

The holidays are a time to reflect, show gratitude, and grow. Worldwide Speech hopes you had a fantastic winter holiday and we’ll see you in 2022!


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