#TPTTuesday: Laughable Moving Sentences /eɚ/

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This week we are featuring a product from our new series, “Laughable Moving Sentences.” Today we’ll focus on the AIR sound edition! You can purchase this product individually or as a part of our Laughable Moving Sentences Bundle!

What is it?

Vocalic R Laughable Moving Sentences “air”, /eɚ/ is a no-prep, no-print speech sound activity. It’s an engaging activity for telepractice and in-person articulation students who are working on vocalic /r/ at the sentence level. This digital activity also serves as a delightful transition between phrase level and sentence level. The images in Laughable Moving Sentences are fun, colorful, and sure to keep your individual and small group students engaged.


✨48 target words practiced at the word level and within sentences

Who is it for?

Vocalic /r/ sounds are often the most challenging for kids. However, it’s likely that one r vowel is more stimulable or challenging than the others, depending on the child. Vocalic r Laughable Moving Sentences allows you to target each /r/ diphthong individually, to achieve success for that particular /ɚ/ combination and carry that success over to other vocalic /r/ sounds.

In addition, often we struggle to find materials for our non-readers without having to provide a model. This activity takes away the literacy component to help out children who are either not reading yet, or who are struggling to read, focus on their speech sound productions.

Check out a sneak peek below!

How to use it?

As you click, new words appear that make you laugh out loud! The sentences continuously change and allow plenty of repetitions to practice vocalic /r/. After several slides, the sentence length increases to 3 target words. This requires students to produce vocalic /r/ in more and more target words, over and over!

Following each sentence, students can answer questions about it, to work on the spontaneous production of target words. For example, ask your student why a word seems silly in context (e.g. “Why would a chocolate bar have a birthday party?” or “Why are those sentences silly?”). At the conclusion of Vocalic R Laughable Moving Sentences /eɚ/ students have produced their target sound a total of 84 times!

For even more practice, kids can retell the story, focusing on vocalic /r/ in conversational speech.

For a free demonstration, check out the video below!

That’s all for today folk, happy TPT-ing!

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