#TPTTuesday: February Sale!!! Irregular Past Tense: What Did Everyone Do Yesterday?

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This week we’re featuring “Irregular Past Tense: What Did Everyone Do Today?” a no-prep, no-print language activity. I actually used this with a client today after they mastered both our Irregular Past Tense Basic and Advanced edition. This resource provided the exact amount of challenge, without being frustrating to my student. Like mine, your students will love these colorful, fun images and transitions! My student especially loved having a bit of autonomy in creating her own target sentences both easily and effectively.

What is it?

This digital resource is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. When you open your product, remain in “edit” mode. In this activity, your student must, first, read the labels for the images included on the slide and determine the irregular past tense form of each.

Next, with remote control via Zoom, your student can drag and drop three target words (represented by pictures) into one of three circles.

Finally, your student will create a sentence with those three target words.


✨10 stimulus slides with 50 targeted irregular verbs

Who is it for?

This activity is designed for students with expressive language goals, primarily regarding irregular past tense. However, in addition to practicing irregular past tense verbs at the word, phrase, and sentence level, you can use this digital activity to work on the concepts first/last, before/after, ordinal numbers, sequencing, and transition words. Plus, the images are fun, colorful, and sure to keep your reading and non-reading students engaged.

How to use it?

It couldn’t be easier! All you must do is ask the question at the top of the slide (e.g. “What did Ben do today?”). Students will respond by using the 3 chosen irregular past tense verbs in a sentence (e.g. “Ben built something, fought, and hurt himself.”) Check out our demo below!

That’s all for today! Happy shopping!