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Last week, we decreased our prices by 20% for all products in our Speech Pals Series! We also mentioned our additional sale that runs through Friday, 03/07/2022. Then we told you all about our Speech Pals: MEGA BUNDLE!

This week we are talking about the Speech Pals /r/ Bundle!

With our current sale prices, each of the 12 products is priced at $6.40 each when purchased individually, which means you save $10.34 when purchasing the bundle for $13.60. That’s a drastic 50% decrease from our previous prices!

Check out the image below for a peek at the complete set of 3 awesome Speech Pals PowerPoints created to meet your students’ phoneeds! Get it? Phoneeds instead of phonemes? You will also find that you phoneed these engaging, fun, and laughable activities as a replacement for drill-based articulation from word lists.

We all know kids learn better when they are having fun. We also know that kids need consistent repetition to learn, maintain, and generalize new sounds. That’s why it is a top priority at Worldwide Speech to make sure our products support the motor learning theory thus giving children plenty of repetitions while remaining engaged.

We also know that the /r/ sound is one of, if not, THE MOST difficult sound for children to master in the English language. The “R” sound is hard for some children because it requires a unique tongue position that is difficult to teach. It also is tricky because other sounds in the word may influence the way the “R” sounds.

Think of the three words Rain, Storm, and Thunder. In storm and thunder, the /r/ sound is different because of the vowels next to it. There are six different vocalic combinations, [ar, air, ear, er, or, ire] which are collectively called vocalic /r/. If /r/ comes before the vowel, it remains a consonant. Altogether there are at least 32 different /r/ sounds to consider as separate sounds!

The /r/ sound is one of the last sounds to be mastered by children, many children can say a correct /r/ sound by 5 ½ years old, but some don’t produce it until age 7.

So how could you possibly fit all of the /r/ phonemes into one product?? You can’t! That’s why this bundle is IDEAL for students with /r/ distortions or substitutions.

What are Speech Pals?

The characters in Speech Pals are inclusive and often find themselves in silly situations. Also, various parts of speech are represented by the target words, rather than just nouns, as are typically seen in articulation therapy materials.

In this product, each target sound is represented by the main character (whose name includes that target), plus 9 target words. Each word is in the form of a colorful image that will “fly-in” from various directions, keeping children focused and engaged. It couldn’t be easier!


3 PowerPoint presentations with animations (PDFs available upon request)
✨Speech Pals: Prevocalic /r/
✨Speech Pals: /r/ Blends
✨Speech Pals: Vocalic /r/

See below for a sneak peek!

Have your student read each word _ time(s).
Click to reveal a short sentence
Or a long sentence

Who is it for?

Speech Pals /r/ Bundle is extremely versatile! It can be used either in-person or virtually and is suited for readers/non-readers alike. Speech Pals allows students to practice their /r/ sounds in the initial, medial, and final word positions as well as in consonant blends. Their target words can be practiced at the word level, in short sentences, and in long sentences with multiple targets.

How to use it?

As shown above, to use the Speech Pals powerpoints, all you must do is click on the slide number corresponding to the sound you want to work on, open “Present / Slide Show” mode, and click for each image to “fly-in” or to transition to the next page. Students can read or imitate the target words and sentences. These PowerPoint presentations can be used for individual and group therapy, during in-person and telepractice sessions.

Don’t forget! When you download our product, please be sure to leave a review and follow our page for similar products! We love hearing your feedback.

Final Thoughts

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