WWST Unique Speech Therapy Activities Are a Must Have!

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This week we wanted to share why we think our unique speech therapy activities are so special. Here’s a list of just a few of the reasons why our TPT materials ROCK!

10 Reasons Why Our Products So Great

  • Our team crafts each activity with the goal of sufficient repetitions based on the motor learning theory so that therapists can maximize the impact of each therapy session when using our products
  • Our activities can be used both in-person and virtually. However; as a telepractice, we have gotten really good at finding the most unique and creative ways to engage students virtually
  • Fun and colorful slides with captivating transitions to keep students motivated
  • No print activities reduce your carbon footprint
  • No prep activities save you from the Sunday Scaries
  • We test all of our products to make sure they are both client and clinician approved
  • A variety of activities to cover the broad spectrum of an SLP’s scope of practice
  • Simple instructions that can be followed even by well-seasoned SLPs
  • We use target words of different parts of speech rather than just nouns seen in many other products
  • We upload both Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s PowerPoint-based activities as well as Boom Cards Interactive Decks!
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In addition to the list above, we wanted to ask our President and Founder, Erin Long, why they are so useful for both clinicians and clients, as well as how to implement them in your therapy sessions.

Why are our speech therapy materials fabulous for clinicians?

These are the first products I have used that actually focus on a specific goal and give the client ample practice. In my experience, most products offer around 10 or 12 trials or repetitions. That is not real practice. Our new products offer much more practice for the client. For example, the Speech Pals builds upon the previous page. The client ends up getting numerous opportunities to practice new skills. That is absolutely critical to the success of the clients. It also saves me so much time. I’m not looking for multiple different ways to get my client to do trials and entertain them at the same time. It is a win-win!

How are our speech therapy materials helpful for clients?

The kids get a ton of practice and they know exactly how long they have to work. My clients like that they know ahead of time what is expected of them and how many trials they have to accomplish before a break. I notice the young clients become focused on “what’s next?”  with short activities. With our products, they know what they are doing and they know exactly how the session is going to be structured. I’m not taking up time bouncing from one activity to the next. This is less distracting for the client and gives them a lot of practice in each session. It also reduces the need for the client to listen to new directions and become familiar with new products all the time.

How to implement in therapy sessions

I start by telling the client what our goals are for the session. Then I quickly review the activities/breaks we planned for our time together.  I let the client know how many slides they need to complete before they get a break. If the client is having any difficulty with skill, we can easily reduce the complexity of the target and reinforce the child’s strengths. This helps decrease the chance of a child becoming frustrated in a session. Our goal is to help, not to bog down our clients. 

So… What are you waiting for?

Head to our TPT Store now to find great no-print, no-prep activities for in-person or virtual learning!

Happy Speeching!

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