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This week we’re featuring one of our newest products: /k,g/ Create-a-sentence

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/k,g/ Create-a-sentence is an interactive Boom Cards deck for articulation therapy. It’s an engaging activity for articulation students who are working on initial /s/ at the sentence level. This digital activity can also serve as a nice transition between sentence drills and conversational speech.

We love that Boom Cards are easy to use, self-correcting, interactive, and engaging for students. Boom Cards give your student a sense of autonomy in their speech therapy work when they are allowed to choose their targets. That increases motivation to participate which often leads to better productions of their speech sounds. Additionally, we made sure that the images in Create-a-Sentence are fun, colorful, to keep your student interested and amused!

What is it?

In this interactive Boom Card activity, your student will listen to, imitate, or read an incomplete sentence on the left side of the screen, then label each picture on the right. Students will choose and name 3 pictures to move into each of the empty boxes. Finally, they’ll imitate or read the 3 picture sentences they have created! 4 cards allow for structured fill-in-the-blank sentences. 2 more slides allow for students to create their own silly sentences from beginning to end, using 3, 4, and 5 target word pictures of their choosing. This activity is not meant for self-scoring, but rather an interactive activity where the goal is a big belly laugh!

At the conclusion of /k,g/ Create-a-sentence, students will have produced their target sound in at least 180 opportunities! This activity is used to practice /kr, gr/ at the sentence level. It can also be used as a transition from sentence level to conversational speech. Since silliness sparks a conversation, students easily transition to the conversational level while remaining both engaged and entertained! For even more practice, students can answer questions about their sentences such as, “Why is it funny?” or “Why doesn’t it make sense?”


44 Target words

  • practiced at the word level, within sentences, and can be used to facilitate speech sounds at the conversational level

Download our preview pdf below to see how it works on the Boom Cards interface!

Create-a-Sentence preview Download

Who is it for?

/k,g/ Create-a-sentence is for articulation students who are working on /kr, gr/ at the sentence level. This digital activity can also serve as a nice transition between sentence drills and conversational speech.

How to use it?

To use, ask your student to drag and drop the pictures from the right side of the screen into the boxes on the left, then read the picture sentences they’ve created.

Thank you for reading! We’ll see you back next week for another #TPTTuesday!