#TPTTuesday: The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show!

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Are you or your student tired of reading the same sentences from online word lists over and over again for articulation therapy? If so, this item is for you! “The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show!” is far more engaging and entertaining because it disguises articulation work as FUN!!

The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show!

Picture of stage with red curtains and two cartoon magicians

The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show!” is a no-prep, no-print activity to practice /r/ vowels in sentences with multiple target words. This grab-n-go resource, for readers and non-readers alike, introduces children to 2 magicians, who take turns entertaining with their magic tricks, as they put on a show full of engaging animations. This PowerPoint presentation can be used for individual and group therapy, during in-person and telepractice sessions.

For many kids, the “eer” or “ear” sound is a great first choice when introducing vocalic r in articulation therapy. This is because the /i/ sound puts the tongue in a high tense position, which is how you want it for production of the /ɚ/ part of the diphthong.

To use, click “READ ONLY” to open the document. Open “Slide Show” mode and click for each animation or to transition to the next page. Students can read or imitate each sentence.

The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show Contains:
  • 18 animated PowerPoint slides
  • 48 possible productions of /iɚ/ in sentences with multiple targets

For more vocalic /r/ fun, download this Freebie: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Artic-Reps–6838573

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Check out the preview below!

picture of amir the magician making tears disappear
Guinevere the magician making a beard disappear

The animations in this PowerPoint are entertaining, engaging, and FUN! Not to mention, it’s NO PREP! And it’s only 4 bucks!!

If you choose to purchase The /iɚ/ Sound Magic Show!, please write us a review to let us know how it goes with your lessons. We love hearing your feedback!

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