#TPTTuesday: Make-it-happen

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It’s TPT Tuesday and we have a fabulous language activity targeting past, present, and future tense for you!

If you often purchase materials from TPT, you’ll know that it is much easier to find articulation activities for speech therapy than language activities. This translates in the real world too. Super-Duper has so many decks for articulation, but fewer language-based card decks. That’s why we are dedicated to increasing access to quality no-print, no-prep language-based speech-language therapy activities!

“Make-It-Happen: Regular Past, Present, & Future” is a no-prep, no-print language activity, for small groups and individual work. This digital activity is engaging for students who are working on expressing verb tenses at the phrase or sentence level. It is also useful for articulation students working on the final /s/ sound (verb+s) or final /l/ sound (will ___). The images in this PowerPoint activity are fun and colorful. The interactive feature is sure to keep your students engaged. No reading is required. The product includes 15 interactive slides formatted for Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides!

Check out the slides below to get an idea of what we’re talking about!

How to use

Using this product couldn’t be easier! In edit mode, either you or your student will move the character or items, to perform the action named for each slide by clicking and dropping.

Suggested Prompts:

  • Past Tense: After the action is finished, ask, “What did the boy/girl do?” or “What just happened with the boy/girl?”
  • Present Tense: While the action is taking place, ask, “What’s happening?” or “What’s going on with the boy/girl?”
  • Future Tense: Before making the action happen, ask, “What do you think will happen?” or “What will the boy/girl do?”

Check out a sneak peek below!

Head over to our TPT store to check it out for yourself! Did we mention it’s only $1.50?

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