#TPTTuesday: Match the Picture Final Consonants

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Happy #TPTTuesday! Check out our fantastic phonology activity for final consonants. It can be difficult to find TPT materials that are for phonological processes rather than articulation. That’s exactly why we created this product!

“Match the Picture: Final Consonants” is a no-prep, no-print language activity, for small groups and individual work. This digital activity is for students who are working on the phonetic process of deletion of final consonants, at the word or phrase level, and allows for 72 productions of targets. The images in this PowerPoint activity are fun and colorful. The interactive feature and animations are sure to keep your students engaged. No reading is required.

How to Use:

Every other slide shows 5 of an item that contains a final consonant. Students will say the word (or “It’s a __”) once for each image. The following slide will show that item + 11 others within a table. Students will locate that particular item and drag it over to the empty box. Have them use the carrier phrase “I found the…” for an extra challenge.

To increase the fun quotient and students’ level of engagement, set this program to present / slide show mode. Each image will come in with an animation every time you click. Then click again to advance to the next slide, where you’ll see the table with the 12 different images. Click escape to go back to edit mode. Your student can now look for the particular item they were just shown, and move it to the empty box. Only that one particular item will be moveable on each slide. It sounds complicated, but it’s not once you get used to it.

Not a reader? Check out our TikTok Tutorial!

See you next Tuesday!

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