#TPTTuesday: Summer Sale Carryover Activities!

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Worldwide Speech is an online therapy service with speech therapists, occupational therapists, reading specialists, and tutors. We have 12 years of experience with online therapy materials, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that clinicians struggle with is how to give quality carryover homework that is easy for parents to follow. Not to mention, most students have a combination of one or more speech sound or language skills they are working on. This becomes time-consuming and tedious as you try to individualize each home program for summer vacation. It’s also problematic if there isn’t access to printers. We took that into consideration and found a way to provide parents with no-print, no-print PowerPoint activities to practice anything from articulation to language.


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To help you out, we’ve made our products on our Teachers Pay Teachers Store 20% off for a full week. Clinicians can purchase our products and send them to parents on their caseload, or parents can buy them from our store themselves!

Some of our favorites include:

Speech Pals

We all know kids learn better when they are having fun. We also know that kids need consistent repetition to learn, maintain, and generalize new sounds. That’s why it is a top priority at Worldwide Speech to make sure our products support the motor learning theory thus giving children plenty of repetitions while remaining engaged. You can purchase this as a part of our mega bundle, or purchase the products that target your child/student’s speech sounds.

In this product, each target sound is represented by the main character (whose name includes that target), plus 9 target words represented by pictures. The characters in Speech Pals are diverse and often find themselves in silly situations. Colorful images with animations keep children focused and engaged.

Expand a Story

Expand-a-Story: Initial /r/ is another no-prep, no-print speech sound activity that is great for both carryover work. The pictures are fun and colorful to help your students stay engaged and motivated.

This activity does a fantastic job bridging the gap between sentence drills and conversational speech with a total of 117 trials, for only 5 bucks! Check out our demonstration below 🙂

Each of the target words is introduced, then used in sentences to tell a humorous story. The story continuously repeats itself, expanding with each new slide. This requires students to produce initial prevocalic /r/ in more and more target words, over and over, as the story increases in length. At the conclusion of Expand-a-Story: Initial /r/, students have produced their target sound a total of 117 times!

Practicing target sounds in structured conversation? Following the story, students can answer questions about it, to work on the spontaneous production of target words. For even more practice, kids can retell the story, focusing on initial /r/ in conversational speech.

Irregular Past Tense: What Happened Yesterday?

“Irregular Past Tense: What Happened 1st & 2nd”  It’s a no-prep, no-print language activity, that’s great for carryover work.

This digital activity is for students who are working on irregular past tense at the word, phrase, or sentence level. It can also serve as a transition between sentence drills and conversational speech. With 17 stimulus slides and 34 target words, you’re sure to get plenty of reps!

In the activity, two pictures of a character completing different actions will pop up under the titles “1st”, and “2nd.” Below the image, the present tense verbs describing the character’s actions are introduced. Students will tell what the character did first and second, using the irregular past tense of the target verbs. See below!

We hope you enjoy the extra time you’ll have after purchasing our quick, inexpensive carryover activities for the summer! Don’t forget to leave us a review, we love hearing your feedback! And remember…

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