#TPTTuesday: Hide ‘n’ Seek /L/

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By Sarah Fowler

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This Tuesday is the last day of our parent/teacher summer sale! Before it ends, I wanted to share my personal favorite, “Hide ‘n’ Seek.” Today we’ll focus on Hide ‘n’ Seek: /L/.

One of the complaints about telepractice I hear often is that you can’t play traditional games online. This is only true if you’re not using your…


When thinking about the skills necessary to become a successful speech-language pathologist, we prioritize time management skills, organization, critical thinking, and clinical expertise. The most underrated skill necessary to be an awesome SLP is creativity! However, not everyone feels confident in their creative abilities. That’s what we’re here for!

Thinking outside of the box…

Recently, one of my students working on the /r/ sound asked if we could play hide and seek via Zoom. At first, I thought…

retrieved from: https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYCzkjjMoGtK7rW/giphy.gif

Then, I put on my creative cap and got to work.

I ended up creating a PowerPoint presentation with different picture scenes as the background. Next, I inserted images that contained my student’s target sounds. Next to the scene, I added several moveable stick figures. Last, I right-clicked on the stick figures, selected “send to back,” and then placed it behind one of the target sound pictures. See below!

The legos, log, leaves, log cabin, lady, and lunch bag are moveable. You may hide a fairy or alien underneath it by dragging it to the item and clicking send to back. As your student guesses, move the object to reveal what’s underneath it.
The alarm, balance beam, balloon, pillow fight, ballerina, and alligator are moveable. You may hide a fairy or alien underneath it by dragging it to the item and clicking send to back. As your student guesses, move the object to reveal what’s underneath it.

Tell me more…

Hide ‘n’ Seek is a no-prep, no-print speech sound activity for articulation students working on /l/ at the word, phrase, or sentence level. It can be used with readers and non-readers alike! This digital activity can be used to transition between sentence drills and conversational speech. Even though we couldn’t include the fun Disney characters, the images in Hide ‘n’ Seek are still fun, colorful, and sure to keep your student engaged.

Once you open the PowerPoint, each of the 30 target words will be found at the bottom of the picture scene. First, have your student label the moveable target word items within the scene (listed under the scene). You can tailor these words to your student’s level by saying the target word with the carrier phrase, “Check the _____” or in a short sentence, “Look under the _____, please.”

Pause screen share or have your student cover their eyes. Then take one of the tokens on the left side of the page and hide it under one of the target word pictures in the scene.

Resume share and have your student guess where the token is (e.g. Is it under the lobster?). Your student can repeat this for each target picture until the token has been found. Then you can switch it around and have them hide the token for you for quick reinforcement!

Contains 30 target words practiced in the…

  • Initial position
  • Medial position
  • Final position
  • Mixed/challenge position

Check out our TikTok tutorial below!

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