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It’s Tuesday again and this week we are sharing one of our most popular resources, “What’s Going On? He is / She is.”


Do you notice your child is struggling to use linking verbs like, he/she + is OR they + are? or ? If so, they might say something like…

  • “He do this”
  • “She run”
  • “They is”
  • “They do”

Or, they may respond to a question such as, “Who is running?” by using names instead of pronouns. For example when asked, “Who is running?” they may say…

  • “Mommy do,”
  • “Mommy”

Even more broadly, students may mix up he/she/they. For example, when asked what a boy is doing they may say…

  • “She is running.”
  • “They are running.”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child may be struggling with the use of “Copula Verbs”

If you’ve never heard of “copula verbs” you’re not alone! They are more commonly referred to as “linking verbs.”

A copula is a verb that joins a clause to a complement. For example, in the sentence, “She is my teacher,” the root word “be” is considered the copula. [1]

Many students that display difficulty correctly using copula verbs are children with developmental language disorder (DLD), previously known as specific language impairments (SLI).

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In addition, students with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder may also have difficulty with linking verbs. Copulas can also be difficult for students who are learning multiple languages since they are specific to American English.

Why Copulas are important

Copula verbs…

  • Give more information about the subject of a sentences
  • Are used to say one thing equals another thing
  • Link a subject to a noun, e.g., “I am a speech therapist”
  • Link a subject to an adjective, e.g., “He is happy.”

Anytime students drop the grammatical markers of words, the meaning of the sentence gets lost in the sauce.

This makes it harder for your child to be understood by others. This might lead to frustration, teasing, or a loss of confidence due to poor grades in English class

What can you do to help?


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