#TPTTuesday: 3 EASY & SIMPLE ways to keep up writing skills over the summer

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By Christine Law

Summer is here and writing is one of the biggest concerns that parents have during summer vacation. Although there are tons of crafts and fine motor activities your child can try, the problem is finding the time or supplies during your very busy day. Worldwide Speech has compiled 3 great ways to continue those writing skills that work with your routines and won’t break your budget!

3. Sidewalk chalk games 

Besides tic tac toe and hopscotch, there are actually a ton of fun games that can help important writing skills such as your child’s fine motor, gross motor, and visual perceptual skills. For example, you can have your child make a “roller coaster” track with the chalk in the garden or front yard. He or she can add other things in the house or yard such as a kiddie pool, hose, bubbles, and pretty much anything they can imagine. When the track is finished, they can get a bicycle, scooter, or office chair and ride through their roller coaster. They can even invite friends and family to join!  Here are some other ideas:

  • Play hangman or other word games such as a word search or scramble
  • Play “The floor is Lava” with chalk
  • Create an obstacle course with chalk
  • Create a comic book/story and have your child act out each page

2. Recreate a board game or reinvent a video game

If it is a rainy day or board game night is getting stale, challenge your kids to rewrite the rules to monopoly or scrabble. They can write down the instructions and then explain them to you at the end of the day. Got a very creative kiddo? They can even create extra materials such as flashcards or playing pieces with legos and/or playdough. If your child is not very interested in board games, you can also suggest your child create a new video game character, add a new dungeon, or create a new car to the video game they are already playing. They can write and/or draw it out and show it to you during dinner or by bedtime. Here are some other ideas:

  • Make a new game out of scrabble with only the tiles
  • No ideas on how to change a board game?  Help your child a bit and give them some ideas or restrictions (e.g. Play Jenga but only use chopsticks or tongs)
  • No more video games to play?  Challenge your child to make their own video game!
  • Does your child like role-playing games?  Maybe try dungeons and dragons that require writing and imagination!

1. Try our Teachers Pay Teachers Summer Writing Packet!

Another great way to engage kids is to give them a writing project that can turn into fun activities after they complete a worksheet. Worldwide Speech has an awesome writing packet that will not only improve their writing but also exercise those imagination skills! Here is what is included:

  • Make your own Superhero!  This activity allows kids to decorate their own superhero or draw their own.  They can also describe their superhero’s powers and personality.
  • Make your own Potion!  The next activity allows kids to not only create their own fantasy potion but also challenges them to write down their ingredients and instructions.  Afterward, they can try and make their own potion in real life (with parent permission, of course)!
  • Make your own Movie!  Lastly, this activity lets your child plan out a movie using a storyboard to draw and write down the movie sequence.  After they finish drawing and writing everything down, your child can pick up a camera and make their own movie!

Are you a visual learner? Check out our Youtube video below!

Interested in our Summer Writing Packet?  Check out our TpT store here!

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